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Here, you'll find valuable resources, important updates, and opportunities for involvement to support your child's success. From information on school policies to tips for fostering a positive learning environment at home, our parent community can stay informed and connected with our school community

Supporting Families

Dress Code

Every Thomas Jefferson student is EXPECTED to address appropriately, as if they are coming to work. Appropriate attire is that which projects a net, clean, and appropriate appearance and does not INTERFERE with our “Family of Learning.”

Dress for Success

Our Standards

For PE Classes:

• Approved NMS PE shorts and t-shirt (including 5K shirts).


Additional restrictions:

  • PE shirt does not replace white uniform shirt.

  • Jacket/sweatshirt hoods are not to be worn up at any time (except outdoors during inclement weather).

  • Hats/caps may only be worn outside during inclement weather.

  • Professional sports team attire of any kind is prohibited.

  • Any clothing worn must be appropriate in style so as not to be disruptive to the learning environment (at the teacher’s discretion).

  • Pants may not be inappropriately torn.

  • Shoes must cover toes and be secured at the heel.

  • Uniform Policy is in effect for all curricular excursions held during regular instructional hours.

  • Exemptions may be granted by Principal/designee when appropriate. Students not in uniform compliance are to be sent to Parent Center to change. Teachers are requested to enforce uniform policy at all times. The Principal/designee, based on feedback reports of overall student behavior, may announce occasional uniform-optional days. On these days, students will still be required to follow the district dress code.

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